Brown Trial Verdict

This Fairfield County case involves medical malpractice claims of negligence in the administration of medical care and treatment to a 52 year old female.  Specifically, Plaintiffs’ Complaint alleges negligent conduct in administering medical care and/or treatment to female Plaintiff resulting in a pulmonary embolism, stroke and permanent disability.

Plaintiffs’ experts opined Defendants fell below the standard of care in their treatment of said female patient including stoppage of life saving medication (Lovenox) and placement of necessary filter to prevent the pulmonary embolism.  Defendants held the pulmonary embolism was timely and correctly diagnosed.  Additionally, Defendants held the patient dropped her platelets from 225 to 105 to 95, which was a serious risk of bleeding.  It was thought the patient may have had Heparin Induced Thrombocytopenia (HIT).  Thus, the decision to stop Lovenox was a reasonable decision.  Also, the surgeons were timely consulted for placement of the filter, but the patient refused the procedure; and when the patient did finally consent for the filter, it was too late to be placed before the pulmonary embolism.

The jury deliberated and returned a defense verdict.

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