Defense Verdict for Attorneys Sabrina Sellers and Brant Poling

A Summit County jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of the defendant Pain Management physician and his corporation following a week-long trial.  Plaintiff claimed the physician negligently performed cervical and thoracic trigger point injections causing the patient to suffer a delayed pneumothorax (punctured lung) over 24-hours after the procedure.  The defense argued Plaintiff suffered a secondary spontaneous pneumothorax based on her pre-existing COPD.  Through the use of colorized ultrasound images and expert testimony, the defense was able to demonstrate that the physician’s injections were nowhere near the patient’s lungs at any time during the procedure.  The jury quickly returned a unanimous defense verdict and shared with the trial team after the fact that the explanations of the medicine, coupled with the courtroom technology used to demonstrate the complexities of the case, left no room for questions about the physician’s care of the patient meeting the standard of care.

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