Defense Verdict!

We are pleased to announce a defense verdict in a sickle cell anemia/sickle cell crisis alleged wrongful death case for Frederick Sewards following a seven-day jury trial in Columbus, Ohio.  Mr. Sewards represented a hematologist and hematology certified nurse practitioner who were treating a hospitalized patient for sickle cell crisis.  Plaintiff claimed that the medical providers (and co-defendant medical providers) failed to properly evaluate laboratory studies and did not timely diagnose and treat bone marrow infarction occurring as a result of the sickle cell crisis.  Defendants presented highly qualified expert witnesses in hematology with particular expertise in sickle cell anemia who demonstrated that Plaintiff’s claims regarding misevaluating laboratory values were false and that there was no scientific basis to support Plaintiff’s claims.  After several hours of deliberations, the jury returned a verdict in favor of all of the defendant physicians and healthcare providers.

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