We don’t settle your case on the courthouse steps

Every battle is won or lost before it is ever fought. We know what it takes to prevail at trial. Our reputation has been built on one of the highest win ratios in the industry. We will not settle your case on the courthouse steps. You expect your attorneys to aggressively defend your interests not only through discovery but also through the closing stage of the case – trial.

Defense Verdict for Attorneys Sabrina Sellers and Brant Poling

A Summit County jury returned a unanimous defense verdict in favor of the defendant Pain Management physician and his corporation following a week-long trial.  Plaintiff claimed the physician negligently performed cervical and thoracic trigger point injections causing the patient to suffer a delayed pneumothorax (punctured lung) over 24-hours after the procedure.  The defense argued Plaintiff suffered a secondary spontaneous pneumothorax based on her pre-existing COPD.  Through the use of colorized ultrasound images and expert testimony, the defense was able to demonstrate that the physician’s injections were nowhere near the patient’s lungs at any time during the procedure.  The jury quickly returned a unanimous defense verdict and shared with the trial team after the fact that the explanations of the medicine, coupled with the courtroom technology used to demonstrate the complexities of the case, left no room for questions about the physician’s care of the patient meeting the standard of care.

Defense Verdict for Attorney Frederick Sewards

The jury returned a verdict in favor of the defendant general surgeon following a six-day trial.  Plaintiff claimed that the general surgeon negligently performed hernia surgery resulting in a bladder injury that led to a critical illness requiring hospitalization and additional surgeries.  After a six-day trial in which the jury heard from eight different expert witnesses testifying on behalf of both plaintiff and the defendant surgeon, the jury quickly returned a verdict finding that the surgeon was not negligent.

Defense Verdict in D.C. for Frederick Sewards

Frederick Sewards participated in the defense of an anesthesiologist in a medical malpractice wrongful death lawsuit that went to trial in the Superior Court of Washington, D.C. on Tuesday, February 13, 2018.  The case involved allegations that the Defendant anesthesiologist negligently performed anesthesia services during hip surgery.  During the procedure or thereafter in the intensive care unit, the patient aspirated gastric contents into his airway and lungs resulting in extensive medical treatment and hospitalization.  The Plaintiffs argued that this anesthesiology complication caused the patient to reside in a nursing home and required repeated hospitalizations until the time of his death several years later.

The Defendants presented highly qualified expert witnesses in anesthesiology and critical care medicine to demonstrate that the Defendant anesthesiologist utilized appropriate clinical judgment in the performance of anesthesiology services and that the patient suffered a known risk and complication.

The eight member jury returned a unanimous verdict in favor of the Defendant anesthesiologist on Friday, February 23, 2018 concluding that the anesthesiologist had complied with the standard of care.