Governmental Entity Representation

Governmental Entity Representation

Unparalleled Experience

Our attorneys have nearly forty years of combined experience representing and defending political subdivisions throughout the state of Ohio. We understand that in many respects governing a township, a municipality or any other political subdivision is very much like running a business. The risks are unique, the public exposure can be significant, and the matter can be time-consuming.

We recognize that local government officials face a daily struggle in serving the needs of their communities. Laws, rules and regulations are ever-changing. From the federal to state levels, seemingly unreasonable demands are being made that greatly if not also negatively impact your community, officials’ time and public funds.

Diverse Subspecialization

Governmental entities often involve unique and complicated legal issues that are often too specialized or time consuming for a single attorney or law department and outside help is needed. Our attorneys are experienced in the following claims:

  • Civil Rights
  • Negligence
  • Employment/Administrative
  • Inter-governmental disputes
  • Zoning and Land Use
  • Employment
  • Environmental
  • Elections