Medical Device and Pharmaceutical Claims Defense

Seemingly no day passes without a hospital or other medical care provider having to rely upon some new or improved medical device, treatment modality or specialty pharmaceutical.

By their nature, claims arising from some injury allegedly caused by these medical advances are complex, wide-ranging, time consuming and resource intensive. Notwithstanding, in each instance we remain committed to working cooperatively with our client to ensure the most satisfactory, efficient and cost-effective resolution.

At POLING, our attorneys have extensive experience defending such claims on behalf of medical device manufacturers and pharmaceutical companies. When such claims arise, we understand the importance and necessity of a prompt, comprehensive and thorough investigation. We work closely with our clients in addressing the varied and complex issues that usually accompany such matters as these and the importance of locating and interviewing all potential witnesses, the need to obtain and preserve evidence which might otherwise be available only through former employees, the need to locate and retain the best expert in the particular field and the paramount need to protect our client’s proprietary, trade secret and other confidential information.

At POLING, our attorneys understand the business necessities which often legitimately drive an ultimate decision, and we will always work cooperatively with you when assessing your potential risk exposure and, as appropriate, alternative methods of dispute resolution.