Extended Care and Rehabilitation Centers

If you are facing Department of Health citations, administrative and business issues, or negligence and Bill of Right’s allegations, POLING has extensive experience representing long term care facilities including assisted living facilities, nursing homes and rehabilitation facilities.

As an extended care owner, you want to ensure the safety and security of all your residents. You hire qualified staff and adhere to un-yielding industry regulations. Yet, no matter how much hard work you put into your nursing home business, one false accusation, resulting in litigation, can undo all of your effort.

As an insurer of a long term care facility, you want to ensure your counsel knows the industry, but also can defend the difficult case at trial… to effectively assess the risk of liability and control damages. We are that firm. We understand the medical issues surrounding the difficultly of caring for the geriatric population. We understand the balancing act associated with residents that are at risk for falls, while also considering the risks of developing or caring for decubitus ulcers, dehydration, pneumonia and other diseases as the body begins to fail. Your specialty is care for these conditions. Our specialty is explaining these conditions to a jury.

Our extended care clients rely on us to effectively manage all of their legal needs and for continuity of their business operations.