Accounting Malpractice Defense

Accountants are held to a standard of care unique to the performance of their duties. The particular standard of care is determined by assessing the degree of knowledge and care which someone in the accounting profession would exercise under a similar set of circumstances. Accountants are, of course, subject to suit in the event the performance of their job has, for any reason, fallen below the acceptable and recognized standard of professional care and has, as a consequence, resulted in some financial damage to a client.

As with other professionals, Accountants are correctly regarded as experts in their areas of practice, and therefore are properly held to a high standard of responsibility and accountability. Nevertheless, in the defense of such a claim the professional is entitled to prove that, in the performance of her/his duties, the Accountant acted in such a way that the prevailing and recognized standard of care was met.

In the event of any such claim, we will make certain that you are treated fairly by the judicial system. Whether the claim stems from alleged negligence, ignorance, fraud, deceit or intentional conduct, the lawyers of POLING have, combined, nearly nine decades of experience defending professionals in such suits. We know the process; we understand the burdens of proof, and we know how to obtain the right result.

In addition, should your practice ever be called into question through a formal investigation and hearing process before the Accountancy Board, our team of experienced attorneys and staff can see you through the process to a resolution of the Board’s proceedings.