National Trial Counsel

Our trial attorneys frequently join in the management and coordination of high damage cases pending across the United States.  We have successfully tried cases from the East to West Coast, resulting in defense verdicts for clients, sometimes being brought in just weeks or days before trial.  

Our national trial team is composed of experienced attorneys, nurses and paralegals who quickly analyze the most risky cases in some of the worst jurisdictions. We partner with local counsel to provide insight on strategizing liability defenses and minimizing damage claims.

In the post COVID Era, juries repeatedly demonstrate unpredictability in their decision making.  Nuclear and aberrant verdicts are now commonplace, even in conservative jurisdictions.  Having an experienced national trial team is imperative.  The location of the trial team is no longer a basis upon which to select defense counsel.  

Our team will be wherever we are needed, whenever we are needed.

POLING is ready to cover your matter regardless of where you are located in the U.S.