Workers Compensation Defense

In today’s economic environment, companies must do all they can to eliminate expenses that decrease their profits. POLING can help your company decrease its workers’ compensation costs and increase your bottom line. We have successfully represented self-insured and state funded employers before the Ohio Bureau of Workers’ Compensation and the Ohio Industrial Commission in all districts for many years. In addition, we have handled actions filed in many of Ohio’s county Courts of Common Pleas and Appellate Courts. We have significant experience advising clients regarding workers’ compensation policies and practices, including investigation of injuries, interviewing witnesses, and working with your employees to coordinate your defense at hearing. Our clients have found that with our legal counsel, both their claims and their expenses decrease.

We are knowledgeable on all hearing issues, including the initial allowance of a claim, additional allowance of the claim, as well as the extent of disability. We have experience defending permanent total disability claims and preparing the necessary medical and vocational evidence needed to defend these costly claims. We are able to represent your company at any hearing in any district and in court for allowance issues, mandamus actions, and subrogation claims. Our attorneys are knowledgeable in drafting and executing settlements that involve Medicare Set Aside agreements. We have experience obtaining CMS approval for settlements that contain a Medicare Set Aside agreement. We are available to your staff 24/7 for questions on how to manage claims and injuries that occur in the workplace.

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