Attorney Matt Stewart recently represented one of our business clients at trial in a breach of contract claim in Franklin County.  The Court ordered the opposing party to pay the maximum amount of compensation that could be awarded under the terms of the contract plus our client’s court costs. Another great result for the POLING team!

Motion Practice Leads to Termination of Three Medical Malpractice Suits

There is more than one way to aggressively defend a case and while she is always prepared for a good fight in depositions or the courtroom, Sabrina Sellers works just as passionately for a faster resolution.  In the past month, Sabrina obtained the dismissal of three wrongful death medical malpractice actions, in various jurisdictions across

Zach Hoover Obtains Three Dental Dismissals

In the past month, Attorney Zachary Hoover had three separate cases dismissed against dentists and dental practices.  Two cases involved denture treatment and the third case involved extension of a bridge that was dismissed with prejudice days after Attorney Hoover’s Motion was filed.  Congratulations to the POLING team and to the dental providers in our