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Bi-Annual NCMIC Conference

Attorneys Brant Poling, Jennifer Myers, and Sabrina Sellers were honored to be invited and attend the recent Bi-Annual NCMIC Conference. Photo credit: NCMIC Marketing

Defense Verdict For Orthopedic Surgeon in Amputation Case

Attorney Frederick A. Sewards represented an orthopedic surgeon who had performed bilateral total knee replacement surgeries on a patient.  The first surgery on the right knee went without incidence.  The second surgery on the left knee unfortunately resulted in a laceration of the popliteal artery which is the main blood vessel supplying blood to the

Congratulations to Paralegal Cassandra Struble!

Paralegal Cassandra Struble was recently elected to the position of Executive Board Secretary for the Paralegal Association of Central Ohio (PACO). She will begin her duties in this leadership role on July 1st. The team at Poling is very excited for her and knows she will do a great job for the organization. Congratulations Cassandra!

Defense Verdict!

We are pleased to announce a defense verdict in an obstetrical birth injury case for attorneys Frederick Sewards and Patrick Smith following a 2.5-week jury trial in Columbus, Ohio.  Mr. Sewards and Mr. Smith defended an obstetrician/gynecologist who directed a labor and delivery of a full-term pregnant patient.  Plaintiffs alleged that abnormalities on the fetal

Unanimous Defense Verdict!

We are pleased to announce a unanimous defense verdict in a catastrophic injury case involving allegations of medical malpractice.  Attorneys Frederick A. Sewards and Patrick F. Smith defended a pulmonologist who was asked to evaluate a patient with a permanent tracheostomy who was experiencing respiratory distress. The patient had been involved in a car accident

Defense Verdict!

We are pleased to announce a defense verdict in a sickle cell anemia/sickle cell crisis alleged wrongful death case for Frederick Sewards following a seven-day jury trial in Columbus, Ohio.  Mr. Sewards represented a hematologist and hematology certified nurse practitioner who were treating a hospitalized patient for sickle cell crisis.  Plaintiff claimed that the medical